About John Irving

John Irving Co-Founded and was CEO/COO/CTO and Board Member (1996-2007) of ePALS Classroom Exchangea proprietary and unique K-12-oriented social media platform. After writing the code for the initial platform himself, John built ePALS from a small team of developers to over 80 employees and consultants primarily located in Ottawa, Canada. ePALS has securely connected many millions of students and teachers from around the world. Under his leadership ePALS tenaciously survived the dot com crash (circa 2000) – which wiped out some 90 percent of local startups at the time – and is still in operation today. During his tenure ePALS conducted events with the President of the United States, the Prime Minister’s of the UK and Canada, the head of the UN, NASA and its space station, and many dignitaries and luminaries.

Additionally John has run a successful internet development agency serving numerous Fortune 500 clients in the US and Canada, founded one of the first SEO companies on the internet, and published a regional Canadian print magazine.

John is personally passionate about environmental issues.

About Irving & Associates

Our experience, expertise and insights will help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. We specialize in supporting early stage social media, community platform, publishing, web and internet software development entrepreneurs and invested or interested stakeholders.

With years of practical experience in branding, building, managing, raising financing and generating revenue for emerging companies we can save you critical time, money and accelerate your path to success.

Without significant direct past experience, it’s difficult to anticipate, and know how to respond to, the myriad of challenges that arise daily for entrepreneurs. Some are practical, some strategic, others are more abstract, but how they are addressed (or not) can have significant long term implications. If you are trying to build a multi-million dollar company, or are an interested stakeholder, a single strategic error could be extremely costly and conversely a single insightful or well-timed action could seal your success.

Whether you are grappling with brand management, software design, functionality or deployment considerations, operational, human resources, intellectual property, legal or corporate structure issues, or financing or equity concerns, or are conducting due diligence, we can provide our insights to help you make the best decisions and protect your interests.

Irving and Associates is based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and can draw upon a pool of highly experienced and talented development, creative and marketing experts as needed.

Please contact us for more information or to inquire about our services.