Our Services Include:

Corporate strategy and mission
It is extremely important for early stage entrepreneurs to have a very clearly defined and well thought out mission and objectives or precious time, energy and resources can easily be misplaced or critical opportunities can be lost. It is often difficult for those that are intimately invested in their endeavours to maintain complete objectivity and an arms-length party can offer invaluable strategic insights by challenging assumptions, including fundamental ones. 

Branding strategy and brand management
We can help you establish and maintain a strong and clear brand and ensure it is consistently deployed and leveraged across an array of web and social media platforms.

Project review and oversight
We can provide a review and analysis of specific project objectives, development and deployment plans and details both initially and on an ongoing basis. It is often very helpful to have an experienced independent party provide some oversight in such situations, especially when technical components of development are being outsourced to third parties, for instance.

Conducting due diligence 
Invested or interested stakeholders or investors will want to consult experienced and knowledgeable experts to perform technical, strategic, competancy or manegerial due dilligence on their behalf. Having undergone such rigorous but successful due dilligence on many occasions ourselves we are in an excellent position to provide these services to clients.

Opportunity and opportunity cost
Seasoned entrepreneurs develop an ability to identify sometimes overlooked opportunities or assets that can be leveraged or leveraged further than previously thought. Conversely, a misplaced focus on assets that have less strategic value than believed can both consume resources and inadvertently detract from other areas that could receive more attention. Again, a third party can offer a perspective that intimately vested parties may have not considered.

Contract and strategic partnership negotiations
Opportunities will arise that often necessitate a deep dive into legally binding contracts and partnerships that can have significant strategic implications. While good lawyers are essential in protecting your interests by the letter of the law they cannot always be relied on to be fully aware of all such implications.  We have countless hours of experience in such situations from a vested interest perspective that can help you avoid serious pitfalls and unwanted entanglements and encumbrances.

Organizational planning and management
Building a highly effective and dedicated team of people to grow your business is as much an art as it is a pragmatic endeavour. At the end of the day the quality of your team will make or break your ambitions and sometimes related considerations can pose difficult challenges. Again, concerned but more objective opinions can often be extremely valuable in this regard.

Corporate structure and ownership
Early stage entrepreneurs face particularly significant concerns in the area of corporate structure and ownership especially when equity is at play. Company positioning and timing of fundraising is vitally important to maximizing a venture’s potential while maintaining as much of an equity stake and control as possible. How an entrepreneur navigates these tricky waters can have lifelong consequences. Needless to say, being able to consult someone experienced in these areas can be invaluable.

Managing Organization Growth or Retrenchment
A growing team requires infrastructure to support it – from leasing office space, to providing support personnel, to employment agreements, for example – and a wide range of very pragmatic issues will arise that can be daunting, frustrating and distracting to early stage founders or entrepreneurs. On the contrary at times it may be necessary to reduce overhead by downsizing which can be sensitive and difficult. An experienced counterpart can save you much time and potential grief in this pointedly “School of Hard Knocks” arena.

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